Roger Williams Park – Thinking Man Statue

Address: Maple Ave., Providence

Owner: Providence Parks Department

Type: Infiltration Basin

Location of Roger Williams Park – Thinking Man Statue

Location: 41.78358°N 71.41225°W
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Site Description: This infiltration basin is located at the intersection of Maple Ave and Pinehill Ave in Roger Williams Park. It is a low grassy depression that fills with stormwater during rain events. Stormwater enters the site through two entry ways – one is the storm drain on Pinehill Ave, which is piped under the sidewalk and into the site, and the second entryway is through the cut in the curb on Maple Ave. Inside the basin, the soil and grass act as a filtering mechanism to clean pollutants from the stormwater. When the basin reaches full capacity, excess stormwater drains through the overflow structure located within the basin. The captured stormwater should absorb into the soil within 24-48 hours after a rainstorm.

Photo-Video Tips: To capture whether stormwater is flowing through the curb cut opening and storm drain into the basin, stand at the intersection of Maple Ave and Pinehill Ave. Also, verify with video whether stormwater is accumulating in the basin and draining properly.

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Observation on 11/22/2023: 11:27am -

How recently did it rain: Raining at the time

How heavy was that rain: Heavy Rain

Is anything preventing water from flowing into the system (e.g., debris, trash, vegetation): Partially

Is there standing water in the system: Yes

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