About RainSnap

What is Rain Snap?

Green infrastructure is a nature-based stormwater management solution designed to reduce the pollution that enters our local waterways. It utilizes soil and plants to filter the stormwater. To ensure its continued effectiveness, regular checks and assessments are necessary during rainstorms and over time. This is where RainSnap comes in – a community-based stormwater monitoring network that helps us keep an eye on the stormwater. Volunteers and environmental stewards actively participate in RainSnap by recording videos of stormwater flows at green infrastructure sites during heavy rain events, which are then uploaded to our interactive RainSnap.org website. This information serves as a valuable resource for stormwater management decision-makers, designers, contractors, and maintenance workers, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sites’ effectiveness.

Who can participate?

Participation in RainSnap is open to all individuals, with no specific requirements. Anyone who has an interest in water, community science, or the environment is welcome to volunteer. Living or working in close proximity to a site might make it more convenient and accessible to capture rain events, but is not required.

What do volunteers do?

RainSnap volunteers actively participate by tracking and monitoring weather conditions and rainstorms. Equipped with an umbrella and smartphone camera, they venture out to designated green infrastructure sites. Once there, they capture photos and videos, documenting relevant environmental conditions during heavy rain or storm events. These observations serve as valuable data points. Then, the volunteers upload their video reports to the RainSnap website, contributing to the collective knowledge base.

Who uses data and video uploaded to Rain Snap?

The uploaded observations and videos on the RainSnap site serve as a valuable tool for a range of stormwater professionals. City planners, engineers, landscape architects, landscapers, construction workers, and environmental scientists all benefit from this data. They utilize these videos to modify and enhance their practices, protocols, designs, and management decisions. By studying the observations captured by RainSnap volunteers, these professionals can make informed improvements in their respective fields.

How is Rain Snap funded?

RainSnap is funded through the Stormwater Innovation Center by a Restore America’s Estuaries grant. 

What benefits are there in volunteering with Rain Snap?

Becoming a community science volunteer with RainSnap.org offers numerous benefits. Firstly, volunteers have the opportunity to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of green infrastructure and its functioning. By actively participating in RainSnap, you will gain insights into how these systems work and their impact on stormwater management. Additionally, your involvement as a volunteer contributes directly to the improvement of pollutant reduction and enhanced water quality in local rivers, lakes, and oceans. Through your efforts, you become an important agent of positive change, making a tangible difference in your community’s natural water resources.

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