Join RainSnap

The eight easy steps to joining RainSnap and submitting reports:

  1. Register using the form below. Once we’ve approved your registration you will have a user profile and login.
  2. Read the training page and watch the short “how-to” video on that page.
  3. Search the map or site list and find green infrastructure sites near your home or work.
  4. Follow the weather forecast and wait for a rainy or stormy day.
  5. When a heavy rain starts, grab your umbrella and phone and go to your site
  6. Record the stormwater on the street, curb, and in the green infrastructure site. 
  7. Fill out a new report form, documenting conditions.
  8. Upload and submit your videos/photos.

Registration Form:

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  • This is the name that will be displayed publically
  • So that we know which BMPs you are near. If you expect to observe while at work you can list your work address.
  • At this time we are only using this system in the states listed
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