Torrey Road – Narrow River

Address: Torry Road and Middlebridge Road

Owner: City of South Kingstown

Type: Bioretention basins - swale

Location of Torrey Road – Narrow River

Location: 41.46578°N 71.45306°W
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Site Description: This site is located in South Kingstown, near the right bank of the Narrow River along Torrey Road. It can be found at the cross street of Middlebridge Road. Stormwater enters a series of depressions filled with large rock and grass called a bio retention trench through multiple entry points along Torrey Road.   The first basin, filled with rock, is design to accumulate sand and sediment.  To keep the basin working properly, it’s important to prevent sand and silt from accumulating in the grassy areas. If too much sediment builds up, the stormwater won’t be able to drain effectively, and the soil won’t be able to remove pollutants. The soil in the basin acts as a filter to clean the stormwater. If the basin reaches full capacity, excess stormwater is relieved through a culvert under Middlebridge Road. After a rainstorm, the stormwater captured in the series of basins should be absorbed into the soil within 24-48 hours.  There are bio retention trenches on both sides of Torrey Road.

Photo-Video Tips: To take photos or videos, stand near the corner of Torrey Road and Middlebridge Road. Look upstream towards the top of the hill on Torrey Road and capture the stormwater flowing into the bio retention basins. Additionally, you can capture footage of the stormwater in the bio retention basin itself. These shots will help confirm that the system is working as intended.

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