Report about StormTree 1 – Pleasant Valley Parkway

Collected: 10/21/2023: 12:51pm

Location of 10/21/2023: 12:51pm

Location: 41.835781°N 71.44301°W
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How recently did it rain: Raining at the time

How heavy was that rain: Heavy Rain

Is anything preventing water from flowing into the system (e.g., debris, trash, vegetation): No

Is there standing water in the system: Unknown

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Weather Data

Precipitation Data from nearby CoCoRaHS stations:

10/20/20230.00” at station: RI-PR-82 (0.52 miles NE)
 0.00” at station: RI-PR-128 (2.48 miles E)
 0.00” at station: RI-PR-67 (2.48 miles E)
10/21/20230.07” at station: RI-PR-82 (0.52 miles NE)
 0.00” at station: RI-PR-67 (2.48 miles E)
 0.14” at station: RI-PR-104 (2.64 miles E)

Note: CoCoRaHS data is usually collected between 6 and 8am so data listed as being from a given day are actually from 6 to 8am on that day through to 6 to 8am on the following day. Also, stations do not necessarily report every day so a station that has data on one date may not on another.

Please check back in 24 hours for updated NWS data
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